A smart move by some venues to catch people early rather than later.

Last time I played here during the summer, a bunch of people I knew came out, overwhelmed the kitchen and generally kept the staff hopping with drink orders. I don't know how many actually listened to what was going on as they were sitting as far away as possible. Not a comment on the music I was assured, just dealing with the geography of the place to accommodate a bunch who want to sit together. The two tables nearest me kept me going with suggestions and drinks. Mel Dorey, area director for Sunny Saltair even brought multiple copies of "The Saltair Song" which I was commissioned to write for the opening of the Saltair Community Centre. You got a copy whether you wanted it or not. The mostly lucid crowd made a valiant effort to participate. I'm still waiting on someone to advance the cash to make a recording of this gem for posterity. Altogether now in waltz time.....

"Well look what they miss on the highway, When they're hurrying from here to there,

They may get where they're going, without ever knowing, The beautiful place called Saltair." 

Dylan, Lennon and McCartney, Paul Simon etc. eat yer hearts out.